Branding for Here Realty Co. in Salt Lake City
Branding by Snookpah

Sol markets is a fusion seasonal, organic and local concept in San Diego. This market/bistro/bar serves food made with local ingredients, beer from local micro and nano breweries and products from nearby farms. 

Working with Axiom Graphic Design Studios, Snookpah envisioned this mark as representing a seal or stamp to instill a feeling that the products are certified to be the best available. The cart is the visual symbol of the brand and this visual was carried through the market itself, using wooden carts to display produce and canned goods.

Based in Salt Lake City, Here^ Realty represents some of the finest properties along the Wasatch Front.

For Here^ we created a brand that instills a sense of belonging, creating a positive connection between the client, broker and community  while increasing  sales and retention.

Snookpah's creative use of the carat (^) symbol allows Here^ Realty to actually insert their branding into any document with a single keystroke and while reinforcing the concept of "here".

Currently in development, this app allows consumers to track items with serial numbers.

Snookpah's design uses the two initials (SS) to represent the handles of the safe, integrating the text of the name into the logo by continuing the straight line from the safe door through the "L" in the name.

The tagline creates urgency and adds value, encouraging consumers to use Serial Safe for all their valuable possessions.

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