Ansel Adams enspired shot or a sunset behind the High Uintah mountains of northern Utah

Old school thought,

meet young ideas

Not so long ago photographers captured images on film and used them to create prints in a darkroom; designers used colored pencils and acrylic paint and laid their ideas out on paper.


At Snookpah we believe the experience and expertise gained through this "analog" method of producing an image to be invaluable when refining visuals for the digital age. We are constantly looking to the masters of the past to improve our own results now and in the future. 

You don't need to know who Rob Janoff or Ansel Adams are to appreciate our work but if you do you just might see some of their influence in your new brochure.

Sunset in the High Uintah
mountains of northern Utah

About our founder

J.W. Moore was born and raised in Boise, ID. He spent his childhood with a camera in his hand and a darkroom in the basement. He learned the art of photography from his father who taught him how to use a camera, how to roll and develop his own film and the various techniques and processes to adapt and present an image in the form of an enlargement. During this time he studied the techniques and works of his favorite artists as well as learning and implementing the Zone system in his favorite medium, black and white photography.

J.W.'s love of visual imagery carried him into the world of design, allowing him to continue to expand his use of visual techniques and integrations. This body of experience has translated into a unique skill set perfectly suited to provide Snookpah's clients with the highest quality and most innovative visuals.

J.W. currently resides in San Antonio, TX with his wife Celeste and two furry canine children.

Photograph of the Todos Santos Inn in Baja Sur, Mexico
This bar at the Todos Santos Inn
made for a great selfie
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